What is IGES?

IGES is the International Genetic Epidemiology Society, a scientific society concerned with "the study of genetic components in complex biological phenomena" according to James V. Neel, the founding President of the Society. The successful mapping of the human genome will greatly facilitate the study of health and disease in a manner that integrates both host and environmental factors. IGES is devoted to the development of the methodology to permit such types of studies and the application of these approaches in human populations.

IGES members include geneticists, epidemiologists, statisticians, mathematicians, biologists, related biomedical researchers and students interested in the research of the genetic basis of the diseases, complex traits and their risk factors. The field is a marriage between disciplines of genetics and epidemiology. Traditional genetics tends to focus on the gene-phenotype connection and often considers the environment as a nuisance, something to be controlled by scientific study design or as a statistical error term. Conversely, traditional epidemiology tends to focus on the environmental causes and risk factors of traits while treating genetic factors as a nuisance. Genetic epidemiology focuses on both genetics and environment in order to explain exactly how genes express in the presence of different environmental contexts, to come to a fuller understanding of the etiology of complex traits. IGES was formed in 1992 as the only INTERNATIONAL genetics society devoted to the promotion of the study of genetic epidemiology and statistical genetics.

Why should I join IGES?

As a member, you...
  • Receive this calendar year's subscription to Genetic Epidemiology (the offical IGES journal) at the lowest cost anywhere!
  • Attend annual IGES scientific meetings at reduced cost
  • Interact with scientific peers worldwide
  • Learn about the latest methodolgical developments, software, and research findings in genetic epidemiology
  • Help the society promote the field of genetic epidemiology internationally

Your IGES dues help to support...

  • The James V. Neel and Roger Williams Awards ($1000 each to the best IGES presentation by a student and a young scientist)
  • Travel expenses to the annual IGES meeting for worthy students in financial need
  • Continuing education and outreach to the scientific community about the discipline, analytical methods, and software used in genetic epidemiology through workshops and classes
  • Subsidies for student subscriptions to the journal Genetic Epidemiology

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