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Statistical Genetics Methods Forum

Moderated by Michael Province, Ph.D.

Where: 5th Floor Classroom
Center for Genome Sciences
When: Every other Monday 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.

The Statistical Genetics Methods Forum is somewhat of a cross between a seminar and a journal club. In seminars, experts give us a glimpse of their latest research, while journal clubs are a mechanism for groups to keep abreast of the literature. But both of these typically are a series of self-contained, largely unrelated, lectures/presentations. However, in this Methods Forum, the participants agree and pick a topic, dig deeply into it, and cover it over several weeks or months for as long as it takes to really understand it fully. Some topics we may cover more quickly than others. For example, in the Spring of 2007, we covered chapters in a textbook on Bayesian Network models. In the Fall 2007, the first few months we covered Quality Control and Data Management issues for large scale genomic studies, such as Genome-Wide Association Scans, and for the remainder of the semester and into the Fall 2008, the issue of statistical imputation of genotypes in GWAS studies. Forums are generally held between the months of September through May. All are welcome to participate.

To get on the Methods Forum mailing list, contact Michael Province at mprovince@wustl.edu or Kristy Smith at ksmith@wustl.edu.

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